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This site is something that I am developing to give myself and others a non judgemental atmosphere to share. Living in health is something that I thrive for everyday. It is an ongoing journey that can take many directions.

If you wish to contact me my email address is amin@livinginhealth.ca

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So lets open up the communication. Here is a challenge is 25 words or less tell me what the picture below means to you. Raise up to the challenge. For me it tells a story of no matter how old you are stop and enjoy life. Stay safe all

Stop and Think

I would have to admit that for me this stop and think idea someink days does not work. How many of us have the ability to remember all the time to stop and think before we react or respond to something. A wise person taught me that if I feel the need to react or … Continue reading Stop and Think

Reaching out

I realized that my blog over the last couple of weeks has been about me and how stuck I am with this new diagnosis. I need to change the focus of the blog. So I have been doing some research on dealing with chronic pain through mediation. I have gone to many websites but I … Continue reading Reaching out

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